Jetsynthesys Explains The ABCD Of Digitizing India

Jetsynthesys Explains The ABCD Of Digitizing India
Jetsynthesys is bringing in an evolution in the digital movement in India by providing daily digital products to a mobile friendly population of 1.3 billion.

Rajan Navani, co-founder, Jetsynthesys shares his ideas and thoughts on the gaming industry of India and also explains the company’s business ideas in contributing to the digital movement and the gaming industry in an interview with BW BusinessWorld. Edited excerpts:

How does JetSynthesys monetize its products and services?

A few years ago, we identified how we can enrich the daily lives of 1.3 billion Indians through the ABCD of India – Astrology, Bollywood, and Cricket & Devotion. Over the years, we have built platforms, ecosystems and communities for the ABCD and have extended it all the way to J!

That comprises of services in analytics, big Bollywood data, cricket celebrities, devotion, e- commerce entertainment, fashion FinTech, gaming, healthcare and India under JetSynthesys. To help achieve this vision, Kris Gopalakrishnan, one of the founders of Infosys, has also joined us and come on board as the non-executive chairman. With Kris’ experience having built a $20+billion business, we seek to create products that are both world class and worldwide.

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